EUS-2600 UBM
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ultrasound eus2600 ubm

B-Scan & UBM

Enhanced Visibility and User-friendliness
The EUS-2600 UBM is equipped with a high-resolution 50 MHz ultrasound transducer that produces two-dimensional images of the anterior segment of the eye with unparalleled detail. Examining the cornea, ciliary body, and anterior chamber angle has never been easier.
In addition, it comes with two probes for conventional ophthalmic ultrasound imaging, a 10 MHz A-scan probe and a 10 MHz B-scan probe. An optional 20 MHz high-resolution probe is available for imaging orbital fat and differentiating lesions.
The equipment captures images in multiple image / vídeo buffer slots for fast renderization alowing immediate click-and-check. The images and videos captured during the exam are saved in standard formats such as bmp and avi making them compatible with all EMR softwares.

The Ezer EUS-2600 UBM features zooming and scan depth adjustment for better observation of ocular structures and diseases. It operates in vitreous-enhanced mode for improved visibility at vitreous body.
The software also includes zooming and scan depth adjustment and automatically measures axial length.

ultrasound eus2600 ubm


Built-in TGC controls let users account for tissue attenuation to minimize artifacts in B-mode imaging.

Image processing software

The precision probes included with the EUS-2600 UBM are driven by our advanced image processing software, which provides high-detail real-time imaging and video recording. It has six popular formulas to calculate IOL and five post-refractive IOL formulas to meet the unique conditions of individual patients.

The ultrasound has 6 popular IOL formulas and 5 post-refractive IOL formulas.

Popular IOL formulas

Post Refractive formulas
▪ History-derived
▪ Double K/SRK-T
▪ Refraction-derived

ultrasound eus2600 ubm


Reports are delivered in PDF format to make printing and sharing easy. The massive storage capacity allows users to save the results of 20,000+ exams on the device, which can easily be accessed on the fly.

The compact and portable tablet design of Ezer’s EUS-2600 UBM lets clinicians bring advanced scanning technology to the exam room, saving time and space. Its built-in 12.1” high-resolution LCD touchscreen displays crisp real-time images and videos. The device’s built-in software takes advantage of the touchscreen display when inputting data in the exam room. However, a wireless mouse/keyboard combo is provided for convenient in-depth data entry. The EUS-2600 UBM also comes packaged with a foot pedal for extra convenience.

With Ezer’s commitment to imaging excellence, the EUS-2600 UBM is the ultimate solution to maximize user convenience while providing impeccable patient care.

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